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To make things a little more interesting (and easier) for me, I post different things on different Social Medias.
Here's a list of the SM I have and what I post there:

* Google+: all my art except the ninja (unless they are with a villain)
* Pinterest: all my art except some garbage stuff
* DeviantArt: all my art except OCs
* Tumblr: Ninjago art and any other art that's decent
* Twitter: only Ninjago art
* FaceBook: only Ninjago art
* Instagram: Ninjago art and other art

This doesn't apply to requests, which will be posted in the SM they are requested in (whatever art is on each SM will stay there, I'm not deleting anything).

Have a nice day  :happybounce: 
There was a new update recently for ArtFlow, and a lot of things changed. However, I did find out we can do something about it.

First off, if you hate the new version you can revert back to the previous version, according to one of the arflow staff. I don't know how you do it, you will have to contact this person to find out: (you can contact this person for any questions you might have. Responds pretty quickly)

Also, the brushes look VERY pixely, but there is a way to fix that. You go into settings and in the "General" setting area, there is a setting option that says "Magnification filter" turn that on and everything is so much better. It worked for me. (it may or may not have the same effect on different devices. I have a Samsung Tablet, but it's worth a try if you have any other device)

Hope this helps!  :D (Big Grin)